Welcome to Mahaguru Ayurveda (formerly known as Asclecare Wellness Pvt. Ltd.) let us introduces to our company first.

It is a direct selling company where we sell goods & services to our clients and customers with the mind set of giving high quality products and satisfaction to the costumers with happy sales partners. In direct selling we have direct connection between the company and costumers. This makes Customers receive more detailed service as a result. As a customer, you receive direct delivery of your purchases to your home, along with customised and expert consultation, so you can simply test them out and choose the ones that best suit your requirements.

What Direct Selling Mean to Us?

Since direct selling offers very specific development opportunities for you personally, don't you also dream about setting aside money each month for your future life to build something big or afford some big or little dreams? If so, you should take control of your future by becoming your own boss. The products are sold directly and through independent sales partners who can also build an organization of additional sales partners to create their personal futures together.

Then join Mahaguru Ayurveda as a sales partner in direct selling right now, create your own team with others, and design your future together in accordance with your goals. Everything is achievable because the company includes benefits for both sales partners and clients.

All those who become involved with the company will have an equal opportunity to succeed in business according to the marketing plan. The Marketing Plan guarantees that you will be paid in accordance with the amount of work you put in. It is usually advantageous to develop more leaders in your organization because these revenues are further increased by merging the down lines' performances. You progress to greater success as the down line gains achievement.

Who We Are?

Mahaguru Ayurveda (formerly known as Asclecare Wellness Pvt. Ltd.) incorporated under Companies Act 2013 under various laws and complied with the rules framed by Ministry of Consumer Affairs and started its journey from the year 2022 as a direct selling entity. The company is following ethical business practices and offer varied products along with lucrative marketing plan. Till now, company is growing exponentially and contributing a lot in society by providing employment opportunities to lot of members engaged with them.

Products Offered By Us

Company is offering wide variety of products offer in various range of products constituting health care products, daily essentials, food supplements, hair care, and oral range related products. The products are manufactured using scientific formulations, green ingredients and modern manufacturing process.

Own Manufacturing Plant and Inventory Storage

In order to provide better products to the consumer end, company has set up its own manufacturing plant so that no compromise on quality can be made upon. The products offered by the company are consumer oriented and sold in throughout India. The company is launching its outlets soon in PAN India and Warehouses in every major state, so that the products are easily available throughout the India. Currently the head office and warehouse is in Jaipur, Rajasthan from where the slots are being delivered to the respective states. The main motive of the company is not only to make money but also empowering all the users with the opportunity to live their life as per their own terms and conditions.

Social awareness

Apart from fulfilling the corporate responsibility, company makes ensure that it make a continuous effort to operate in the ways that will result in contributing to the social goals by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically business practices. We believe in spreading the vision related with HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS and focuses on enriching the life of the individual who comes and become part of our journey.