Product Success Story

  • May 01,2024
Product Success Story


This is an absolute necessary product in every household and one should not think much before buying it. IMMUNODIVINE has done a wonderful job of giving its trademark product which it is just a strong Immunity Boosting which would not only help boost immunity.

Immunodivine Stressor will also help relieve anxiety, stress & fatigue. I have used it twice till now and hence the positive review for it. Immunodivine prevents throat infections so even though I don't have any I am consuming it daily 1tbsp on an empty stomach in the morning & also having the giloy with it. Even if you have cough, you have the IMMUNODIVINE to consume which will effectively control throat infections. The packaging is also great by Immunodivine so a great product to for old age people All in all a great product from IMMUNODIVINE.


Recently I started using this syrup and although it won't show instant results, but it felt good. A lot my other issues have started going off. I think this time it won't be irregular. Very good product, first and very important thing that it's natural, has no side effects. And it’s working like a magic for me after using this i feel fresh and energetic, it will work for the root cause of irregular periods and hormonal imbalance.


We are the Manufacturer of THUNDARCLAP Syrup which provides you Infuses fresh energy, stamina, vim, vigor & vitality Useful for general & old age weakness enhances Physical Endurance.

Will also help in increasing strength provide energy to body I have used it twice till now and hence the positive review for it? I am consuming it daily 1tbsp on an after a meal in the morning & also having the alovera and ashwagandha with it.


Basic Ayurveda Syrup, effective joint pain relieving syrup made up of natural herbs. It provides fast relief from joint pain, lumbago, gout, swelling in leg and knee, any type of muscular pain, sciatica. This syrup improves the amount of synovial fluid between the joints.

A human body contains 206 bones and 360 joints. All these joints contain a sticky and fluid matter. Due to the stickiness and the fluid state of this component, the joints in pure body work efficiently. It comes with an airtight packing purity and high effectiveness. Drink 15-30 ml. With half cup Luke warm water before every meal thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


Diabetes is a major metabolic disorder in present era. Prevalence rate is 8.7% in total of adult population and it is increasing day by day. Number of people are not diagnosed or diabetic or at the risk of diabetes. It is important and need of time make these people aware about diabetes and inform them how they can minimize the risk and prevent the diabetes. Changes in lifestyle and adaptation of medicine system like Ayurveda may be very much helpful for both prediabetic and diabetic people in prevention and control of diabetes.

Life style recommended diets, physical activities, striation in the same categories described in Ayurveda classics may be adopted, and it may be beneficial for them. In the present paper review has been done on causes, risk factors, diagnostic parameters & tools, recommended and restricted diets & physical activities and general medicines mentioned in text. It can be said that by understanding all these points' prevention and control of diabetes may be possible.


Wellness Livodivine Ras For Liver Damage, Swelling In Liver, All Type Of Liver Problems, Livodivine is suitable for adults & elders, aiding digestion and supporting bowel function It helps repair damaged liver cells, detox impurities, flush out toxins and cleanse the liver by preventing the entry of toxic substances with the help of powerful antioxidants. Our Livodivine ras is highly effective and a Regular Detox this will make your digestion process stronger, improve metabolism and provide relief to stomach aches.


It helps to decreases cholesterol level Helps in treating to strengthen the lung tissue and takes care of the functioning of the heart and lungs. Ayurveda Formulation Used in disease in which heart becomes weak or the patient suffers from restlessness and irregular heartbeat Strengthens and helps in the proper functioning of the heart and lungs It has potent cardio protective properties, which also help to prevent secondary cardiac complication that may occur due to any disease.


Stone divine Syrup is an Ayurveda product that is one of the best diuretic to flush out urinary calculus (stone in urinary tract). It comes in a flavored sugar base with some herbal extracts such as Varuna, Rakta Punarnava, Gokshura, Guduchi, Daruharidra, Pashanbheda, and Apamarga. It possesses powerful diuretic action where there is increase in frequency of passing out urine, and also helps to flush out toxins. People who are suffering with kidney stones should consume stone divine these in order to expel stones.


Alergy divine is usually use for allergy cause by mostly dust. Now a day’s environment is full of pollution so person’s gets easily connect with the allergy so we have come with a product allergy divine it helps in reducing allergy it contains herbs that help in controlling and reducing allergy.


Thyroid is mainly fond in women’s it every 10 of 8 are suffering with it. it causes weight gain, tiredness, muscle aches and constipation. We have come up with a product thyrodivine its helps to strengthens your thyroid glands and also make your respiratory system it contains of natural herbs that help your body to recover and fight with the thyroid problems.


Brain is the main part of our body that helps to control our system. Braindivine is very help full for it in keeping your brain healthy that will help to keep and increase your memory. It contains high amount of honey, brahmi, tulsi, and natural herbs that will help your brain to be active and healthy mind leads to healthy life.